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Have Kim share her story of how she went from an invisible, motherless girl who could not write, to owning a publishing company and becoming a sought after speaker. 


Kim is the Extraordinary Word Ninja and loves to teach on the Power of Words and how to introduce yourself in a way that grab attention and makes the listener want to learn more about you.

Subjects Kim Loves To Speak On

Overcoming Fear

Fear was Kim’s best friend growing up. Learn how she kicked it to the curb for good and now empowers others to do the same!

Becoming An Authority

To become and expert and authority in your field is not as hard as you think. Kim has 1 hour to 1 day presentations that equip you to become an expert in as little as three months.

Kim Sharing Her Story

Kim went from the girl who was told she should never write by a teacher to The Extraordinary Word Ninja and founder of RTI Publishing

Have you ever looked at a blank computer screen in frustration because the words won’t come because you are afraid it won’t sound right? Or worse, that it won’t be received well?

Kim spent many years feeling that way after a teacher told Kim that she was, “No good at writing and should stop.”  Discouraged, Kim put writing aside. Then, she came to a crossroads in her life and let those painful words go. She set her words free and let her voice to be heard once more. Since then, she has gone on to author five books (with three more on the way this year), two planners and even a collection of Sudoku books. Most importantly, Kim started RTI Publishing and has helped over one hundred entrepreneurs to become authors and taught them how to use their books to become authorities in their niche and open doors to build their business faster.

Kim also loves to share with others her journey to success and help others to become better entrepreneurs.

She is a wife of 29 years, mother of two adult children and Nana to her first grandbaby. Kim has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and understands what it takes to grow a business.


I crossed paths with Ms. Kim through a well-respected colleague…who sung her praises to me…and now we sing together in harmony the same song … “We love Kim…her writing makes us win!”

Kim is super easy to work with and she magically takes my spoken words and makes them sparkle on the page…so that I may shine on and off the stage!

Kim…thank you for being my hidden gem…my life is much easier…because of you!

 Dr. Ona Brown

The Dream Queen/The Message Midwife

Kim Is Also The Host Of The Author To Authority Podcast

Join Kim three times a week as she interviews experts and authorities in the niche who share their knowledge on how to live successfully both personally and professionally.

Many of them are also authors who share the ups and downs of their writing journey and how becoming an author has changed their life.

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